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We've found most questions can be answered or solved without contacting our team! Please see our FAQ's below.

Most inquiries can be resolved using our FAQs! Please refer below for answers.

NOTE: Expect delayed responses on the weekends; weekdays, we reply within 1-2 business days.

Need to Return or Exchange? 

We provide FREE exchanges. Contact us if your mod doesn't fit, and we'll swap it for another or a different model.

Status of Return or Exchange:

After completing our online process for returns, exchanges, or store credit, allow 5-7 business days for processing. We'll confirm via email once processed.

Tracking Your Package:

We typically ship within 2-4 business days, Monday-Friday. Your tracking link updates upon carrier pickup.

No shipment after 5 business days? There's likely a problem with your shipping address or it may be in backorder. Please check your spam and contact us below or at support@jdsmotorsports.com.

Missing Order Confirmation?

Check spam or email us with order details (i.e. Order #, No Confirmation Email) at support@jdsmotorsports.com. Please allow our team 24 business hours to respond Monday - Friday.

Received Wrong/Missing Items?

Contact us with photos of packing slip and items for correction.

Incorrect Shipping Address?

Email us with subject line (Order number, shipping address) and include the correct address for us to fix. 

Package Delivered but Not Received?

Occasionally, this happens. If your tracking shows that your package was 'delivered' to your address but you haven't received it, search thoroughly and ask neighbors. If you're still unable to find the package, please file a 'lost' package claim with the carrier.

Starting a Warranty Claim:

To start a warranty claim for a faulty mod, please provide thorough details. Typically, installation errors cause these issues. For faster troubleshooting or warranty processing, include photos/videos and a detailed problem description. This ensures quicker resolution or replacement. Enter all necessary info in the "Contact us" form below.

If you've reviewed our FAQs and still need assistance or have questions, use the form below, and we'll gladly assist you!

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