Business loans for companies

Thanks to the business loan, you will finance the purchase of a machine, passenger car or truck.

Thanks to the business loan, you will finance the purchase of a machine, passenger car or truck.


We’re lending every idea for our own business.

This business loan will help you to start with your company in the city of Lubin. The beginnings are the most difficult, we know that. That is why we support and help courageous people.

If you are already running a business – we will help you develop your business. You may need cash for development or for investments. We know how to help you in your success.

Most often banks apply a cautious policy when granting any business loans, regardless of whether the applicant is a private person or a company. This means that they do not give credit to anyone who applies for it, but they verify the creditworthiness of the client. The company or a private person who has an appropriate own contribution to credit, high creditworthiness and good financial opinion has a chance for a business loan. Automatically, indebted people who in the past have had problems with paying off their financial obligations will not have much chance of getting a bank business loan.

First of all, the company when applying for a business loan in a bank, regardless of the form – cash, turnover or investment, must be ready to go through the verification made by bank analysts. The bank will check the history of lending to enterprises in the Credit Information Bureau. If he is in arrears with repayment of some liabilities, or in the recent past he had problems with repayment of the business loan, he would rather not get credit from the bank. In addition, the bank has control over its situation in the Social Insurance Institution and in the Tax Office in its procedures of verifying the creditworthiness of the entrepreneur. If he is in arrears with the payment of social security contributions, if he has tax debts to the tax office, he will also close the same way for taking a bank business loan.

The question now is whether there are business loans for companies that do not require control? Yes, but most often they are not provided by banks, but banking institutions. These are business loans, where there is no need to verify the entrepreneur’s creditworthiness and creditworthiness. In practice, this means that even the indebted company can take out the business loan at the desired amount, but most often you will have to reckon with the fact that the cost of such a business loan will be considerable.

 It is the only business loan Fund for Companies in our country. Any company that for various reasons can not borrow from the bank for its corporate goals, can ask for financial support. The business loan is granted by this business loan Fund for Companies for any business purpose. As it has been said, this company will not check the credit history of the company in the Credit Information Bureau. 

The business loan Fund applies legible lending rules without missing the truth at any point of its offer. It allows the repayment of the business loan obligation granted to the company in fixed monthly installments. The business loan period is here up to 60 months. The credit and credit decision process itself lasts up to 10 days. business loan Fund is able to give credit even to a company that has just been created and has been registered in the business register. In this case the types of business loans are used in the form of flexible business loan repayment security.